Literacy Referral Service

Ardmore Literacy Leadership offers a literacy referral service to help:

  • Adults seeking to improve literacy skills through adult basic education or computer instruction
  • Individuals seeking GED instruction
  • English Language Leaders seeking help with English skills and citizenship
  • Parents and guardians seeking after-school programs, youth tutoring, and/or child care
  • Individuals with disabilities seeking job and school assistance
  • Social services organizations seeking resources for clients
  • Educators seeking programs and resources for their students and parents of their students

Ardmore Literacy Leadership member and community organizations are listed under the “Member Directory” of the website. There, you will learn about the organizations and find links to their websites, as well as contact information.

Ardmore Literacy Leadership offers an electronic Literacy Referral Services form. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed for matching responses to a member or community organization.

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