Literacy Day in the Park

Ardmore Literacy Leadership member and community organizations are pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for the community to become literacy champions. Each August, A.L.L. hosts Literacy Day in the Park, Ardmore’s only back-to-school event where families receive information about education enhancement programs while receiving resources for getting children ready for the new school year.

Each spring, A.L.L. recognizes and celebrates the achievements made by member organizations’ participants in a graduation ceremony. Graduates are those who earned their GED or completed the English Second Language, citizenship, computer, or financial literacy courses.

Ardmore Literacy Leadership Graduation

Funds raised as a result of A.L.L. events, in addition to personal donations and grants, are dispersed into the Ardmore community to provide technology skills, GED classes and family preparedness, improve reading and math skills, promote social justice, prevent homelessness and improve self-sufficiency, invest in the future by mentoring a child and expanding literacy skills to those in need.

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