We Support ALL Learners!

The mission of Ardmore Literacy Leadership is to grow literacy and education throughout Southern Oklahoma. Our leadership understands that basic needs must be met in order for our learners to succeed in our programs, from youth programs to adult basic and English language instruction. 

One in six adults in Carter County cannot read the prescription label on a medicine bottle, understand a newspaper article, or enter complete information on an application for employment. Many of our most vulnerable citizens also face systemic oppression, further impeding their literacy and educational progress. 

Following the June 2020 passing of the resolution condemning racism in our city, our coalition of literacy and adult education professionals would like to offer support and open communication to our community’s leadership. Our coalition is dedicated to professional and personal development–now more than ever. As we move forward together, we intend to lead by example, and we invite you to do the same. 

Our learners, and our instructors and leadership, come from all walks of life, all ethnicities, and all areas of the community. We understand the importance of working together, overcoming adversity, and building an intentional, united community. We know that none of us can find and implement solutions to these issues alone. Together, we are capable of becoming an equitable, hospitable city we can all be proud to live in.

Before we can improve, we must first understand the root of the problems we face. We support a deliberate plan to disrupt racism in our community, address the disparities our citizens face, and address the legacy and contemporary implications of violence to black and brown existence. It is our responsibility to eradicate racism within our circles of influence. Our actions must be guided by our desire to build a racially just society. All of us must examine ourselves and those around us, learn, and do better. 

Chokma’shki (Thank you)

Ardmore Literacy Leadership

Resources and information regarding literacy and education services will be updated regularly on our social media accounts.

Please visit facebook.com/ardlitlead or IG @ardlitlead for updates. 

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